13 Cities. 4 Countries. 24 Days of Video.

Over the past two months I have had an insane schedule filled with trips and client shoots. 

And instead of releasing crappy podcasts and video shows along the way I decided to live by my favorite Ron Swanson quote: "Don't half ass two things, whole ass one thing."

In today's video show I'll explain where I've been and what's next for DVG. (Hint: season two of the video and audio shows start next week.)

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Full text transcript of the video:

Hey all, Caleb Wojcik here and it has been a while, huh?

First, I want to apologize for not releasing anything new in a while. 

Over the past two months I have had an insane schedule filled with trips and client shoots. 

And instead of releasing crappy podcasts and video shows along the way I decided to live by my favorite Ron Swanson quote: "Don't half ass two things, whole ass one thing."

So, what have I been up to and what's next for DIY Video Guy? To kick off April, we went to Phoenix to shoot a video for a law firm and shortly after that spent 4 days in Las Vegas for New Media Expo to shoot Pat Flynn's keynote presentation where he actually showed up in a Delorean. 

While in Vegas I also spent a bunch of time at the National Association of Broadcasters conference, where I was able to visit most of the gear and software companies that I use to run my video production company. Be sure to check out that video in the previous episode of DIY Video Guy TV on YouTube or iTunes to see what video gear I'm most excited about that is coming out this year.

The next week I was back in San Diego where I had a full day shoot on Tuesday, with 4 interviews. Then Wednesday was a full day shoot in my home studio for another client, Thursday we set up for 1 Day Business Breakthrough with Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker, and on Friday we live-streamed the event all day. 

I had another San Diego shoot the next Monday and the day after that Jen and I left for Barcelona where I spoke about mobile video at TBEX, a travel blogger's conference. From there we drove up to Paris and western France with our client, Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere, to film a video-based travel photography course that will be coming out in a few months. We shot the most in Paris, at the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and more but over the 10 day trek we also made it to Normandy, Chateau St. Michelle, the mountains of Andorra and returned back to Spain in time to fly home. 

One day after returning home we left for Houston to visit some of Jen's extended family, from there I went to Wistiafest in Boston which is always a blast (I'll release a recap video & post soon). Then I came back home to host a high school friend and be a tourist in San Diego for a few days!

Phew, that's it I think. All that in two months. I'm exhausted but stoked for what's next.

I've basically just spent the last week getting caught up with things and having a routine again. I've been doing a bunch of video editing for client projects, getting back on track and cleaning out my project management systems (I use Trello for tracking my video editing projects & Asana for every other task my team does).

I've also been getting all my apps and settings going on my new 15" Retina Macbook Pro (which I bought because I found that literally was avoiding working or editing while travelling because my four-year-old macbook pro was too slow and I'd just get frustrated knowing if I was home on my desktop I could do things 10 times as fast). Editing was almost impossible too.

ANYWAY, what does all this mean for you, this show, DIY Video Guy, etc.?

First, video and audio episodes will start being released again now in what I'm calling "Season 2".

This season of the Audio Podcast will focus exclusively on the YouTube platform and how people are successful there. We'll talk with YouTubers, dissect how they've grown their audience, and figure out what gear and processes they use to turn their videos around so quickly. If you're not subscribed to that podcast and want to catch up on the first 31 episodes, just go to DIYVideoGuy.com/Podcast to subscribe on iTunes or Soundcloud and hear them all.

Season 2 of The Video Show will focus on video editing. I'll show which apps you should be using to edit your videos, give you a quick way to edit videos just on your phone, breakdown my step-by-step process from plugging in the SD card to clicking publish on a video. 

I'm excited to focus on this part of the video production process and share what I've learned so far because editing is really where are great video is made. I'm also working on my next course, the DIY Video Editing Guide, which will be coming out in July or August.

Lastly, I'm bringing on another person to my team, a Producer. Along with my editor, we'll continue producing videos for clients and bringing the case studies, behind the scenes, and lessons learned to you on this video show and the audio podcast.

Things are headed in the right direction with my production company and we're right on track for where I wanted to be financially for my goal of having a quarter million gross revenue year, but not posting new episodes of my shows has been frustrating. I miss you guys and gals. I really do. 

So, enough of this. I'll see you again soon for the start of the three month long season 2 of DIY Video Guy TV and the Audio Podcast. 

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