How Video Editing Works: My Entire Workflow

It takes a lot of work for a video to go from what's recorded on a memory card to a finished video that someone can watch online.

In this video I show my video editing process and post-production workflow for the videos I make for this site and my production company makes for my clients.

You'll see how I:

  • backup my footage to multiple hard drives
  • sync multiple video cameras and audio files
  • start editing the footage quickly
  • add in b-roll
  • get feedback from peers and clients
  • add in graphics, lower thirds, & bumpers
  • color correct and grade the video
  • choose where to get background music
  • add thumbnails and closed captioning
  • use a step-by-step process list for every video I make

You can watch the video above, directly on YouTube, or through an iTunes Video Podcast.