My Biggest Video Project Yet — I Am a Blogger

I want to share a secret project that's currently launching on Kickstarter I've been able to work on for more than the past year.

As you may or may not know, I make my living mostly from running my video production business and making videos for clients. We're a small team (often times I'm filming everything by myself, one-man band style). I have a full-time editor, Tim, who lives in Colorado, my wife Jen helps out sometimes too, and I hire more subcontractors when need be, like Levi Allen.

Most of the videos we're paid to make are online courses, youtube content, live events, interviews, testimonials, sales or product launches, and about videos. All of my clients are either independant entrepreneurs that make their living online or are startups that help people do the same.

But some of my favorite work that I get to do falls within the realm of documentary storytelling. I've really only had two opportunities to do this so far. One was when I went with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income to Ghana to document the schools he and his audience funded the building of.

The other one though, is the biggest project I've worked on since starting my own business over three and a half years ago.

ConvertKit IAAB - Sarah Morgan-61.jpg

This project is called "I Am a Blogger" and it was the idea of Nathan Barry of Convertkit, the email marketing company I use for my email list. 

I Am a Blogger tells the stories of 17 different bloggers. How they got started online, the struggles along the way, and exactly how they earn their living now. As a part of this project I travelled to 9 of these entrepreneurs with Barrett Brooks to share their stories through photography and filming video documentaries.

Convertkit is currently launching on Kickstarter a compilation of all 17 of these stories into a beautiful coffee table book to help share the journeys of real people building business based on things they enjoy instead of going to a job they dread.

IAAB was conceived to help legitimize the profession of blogging. Or put another way, building an audience through helpful written, audio, or video content to make money online.


From physical fitness and fantasy football to performing magic and teaching high school. These stories show a glimpse into what it takes to build a profitable online business.

If you'd like to read each of their stories, get early access to the video documentaries, or you are building an online business in a similar fashion and want examples to point your family and friends toward to demonstratre how real people "make money online", you can check out the Kickstarter campaign.

I can't wait to share more behind the scenes about how these videos & photos were filmed & edited once they are all public and live.

At the time of writing this, there are 4 days left with the campaign 70% funded.

If you're reading this well after the campaign has ended, I'll update the links to take you to watch all nine of the video documentaries we filmed & edited when they are live.

Caleb Wojcik