We Invented a NEW Tripod for Vloggers — Meet SwitchPod

After working in private for over 7 months and finally filing the provisional patent, I'm excited to finally share my new invention!

I've been working with Pat Flynn and the team over at Prouduct to develop a brand new invention built specifically for vloggers. 

It is half tripod, half hand grip. But 100% speed.

SwitchPod - A Tripod for Vloggers-49.jpg
SwitchPod - A Tripod for Vloggers-09.jpg

I came up with the idea while attending a conference where a lot of vloggers were using janky setups to hold their cameras out in front of them while vlogging and then struggling to properly set their camera down on a table or the floor in tripod mode. (And watching them topple over too.)

Last week at VidCon we showed 3 of our prototypes (for the first time in person) to a bunch of YouTubers to get feedback, first impressions, ask what colors they'd want, and find out how much they'd be willing to pay.

I'm really happy with the response so far and I can't wait to ship this thing! 

More to come as we plan to use Kickstarter to raise funds and sell the first run of the SwitchPod later this year. 

Coming Fall 2018.  
Patent Pending.

Caleb Wojcik