How to Enter a Crowded YouTube Niche (ft. Dave Dugdale)

Dave Dugdale has been sharing his filmmaking journey on YouTube since he first got a Canon T2i in 2010. I stumbled across his videos a few years ago when I first bought a DSLR and was trying to figure out what camera settings to use.

In today's podcast episode I chat with Dave about how he transitioned from making videos about real estate to drive search traffic into teaching video production and making videos for a living instead.

We discuss why you might want to use a mirrorless camera like a Sony A7 series or Panasonic GH4 instead of a DSLR from Canon, give advice for making videos in a crowded niche, and why having a regimented release schedule for your videos might not be the best way to go.

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Caleb Wojcikyoutube, strategy, podcast