RODE VideoMic Me Review

If you record videos or livestream on your smartphone and want better audio, there are a ton of options. In this video I unbox, comparison test, and review the RODE VideoMic Me, a shotgun style microphone that plugs directly into a headphone jack.

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When I received this mic from Rode I was pleasantly surprised. It's built with a solid aluminum construction to reject Radio Frequencies and it comes with a mounting bracket to help it stay secure and fit on different devices.

It also comes with a furry dead cat style windscreen already included.

RODE VideoMic Me with included "Dead Cat" Windscreen attached.

RODE VideoMic Me with included "Dead Cat" Windscreen attached.

It works with Apple, Android, and other smartphones and tablets, as long as the camera lens is on the opposite end of the headphone jack. Otherwise it may show up in the field of view.

The two best features of this microphone are that it records directional, like a shotgun microphone and it has a built-in headphone jack for monitoring sound before, during, or after recording. 

It plugs right into your smartphone or tablet's headphone/microphone jack.

It plugs right into your smartphone or tablet's headphone/microphone jack.

The mic performs pretty well, especially the closer you are to it. This would be a perfect upgrade for vloggers or anyone livestreaming using something like Periscope or Meerkat in a noisy environment outside or where there is wind.

Small, but sturdy.

Small, but sturdy.


Should you get this microphone?

Here are four reasons why or why not.

1. It's super easy to use. Just plug it in and go on pretty much any phone or tablet.

2. The ability to monitor audio while recording or watching playback is great. You won't have to unplug in and then replug in the microphone. Unfortunately, on the iPhone you'll need to use an app like Filmic Pro to record if you do want to monitor that audio live. 

3. It's pretty inexpensive. $60 USD at the time of recording this. That's especially cheap considering you get a windscreen with it.

4. If you're going to be a bit further away from your phone or tablet, I would recommend getting the RODE smartLav+ and SC1 extension cable instead of this. But if you're up close, this is a perfect fit.

For smartphone video recordings and live-streaming, this is a great and inexpensive upgrade for your audio.

Thanks to RODE for making this video possible.

Caleb Wojcikstarter-gear, video