7 Free Manifestos You MUST Read That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

There are a lot of great resources out there that you can buy or pick up at your local library that can help you change your life for the better. But there are also a lot of great FREE places to check out that you can expand your mind and learn from as well.

In this post I'll lay out seven of what I consider to be the best (free) manifestos you should read. These are all written by people I either know personally or look up to as visionaries. They are all leaders in the field of living a life filled with passion and no regrets.


The Tower by Chris Guillebeau

Chris's previous two manifestos have both been big catalysts for change in my own life, so I knew his newest wouldn't disappoint. If you haven't read them, 279 Days to Overnight Success & A Brief Guide to World Domination are actually the #6 & #7 manifestos of this list. ;)

Released this week, this concise and beautiful piece of writing discusses how using a structured series of goals, planning, and positive feedback can lead to big things in your life. Chris writes about how he thinks that working on a legacy project is the meaning of life and relates how playing a simple iPad opened up his eyes to the best way to achieve at the bigger things in life.

Download the free pdf directly or go here to get the kindle version.

The Impossible Manifesto by Joel Runyon

Also released this week by my friend Joel is a piece of writing that will challenge you to do what you think is impossible. Whether you think a physical feat is impossible or you just need to build up the mental courage do something you fear, this manifesto will challenge your belief structure. 

Download the manifesto directly for free here.

The Flinch by Julien Smith

Imagine someone is about to punch you in the face. Unless you are boxer or another kind of trained fighter, you are going to flinch. In life, we flinch all the time. We hesitate to do what we truly want to do because we are afraid. This holds us back from living lives we deserve to live.

This is a new (free) kindle book put together by Julien Smith who writes at In Over Your Head. In this book he explores how to do the best work of your life without flinching.

Download the kindle version of the book for free here.

The Focus Manifesto by Leo Babauta

Our lives are so full of distractions that is getting absurd. Just stand in line for something and look around for a minute. How many people are looking at their phones? How many ads there are around you? Think of all the emails, text messages, tweets, comments, Facebook messages, etc. there are for you to check in a given day.

It is time for us to re-learn how to focus. Leo Babauta from Zen Habits wrote this book last fall, but I finally sat down and read it. It took just a single sitting during the road trip I'm currently on. I already feel more disconnected in just the past few days since reading by being conscious about how I spend my time consuming information.

You can download either the free version of the manifesto or read more about the full version.

The Zero Hour Work Week by Jonathan Mead

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Jonathan explores the real meaning of work. Should work always be painful? Can you get to the point where you actual enjoy what you do for a living so that it doesn't feel like "work"?

I know you can enjoy your work and not worry about how many hours you "work" a week because I am at that point right now. I enjoy what I do and it doesn't feel like work to me. I encourage you to try and create a life that is the same.

Download the full manifesto for free in pdf form.

BONUS: No Choice by Seth Godin

Not exactly a full manifesto, but in my opinion, these are definitely strong words to live by. Saying you have no choice in your life is blasphemous. 

Make the decision to live your life by your own rules and you will be much happier.


Your turn: What are some free resources that have changed your life for the better? Go ahead and list them in the comments below.

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