What Are You Moonlighting?

"I don't have enough time." Bah, humbug! That is the worst excuse ever.

In a world filled with so many distractions, what we need is focus.

More time needs to be spent on:

Less time needs to be spent:

  • Watching trash TV.
  • Making excuses.
  • Procrastinating.
  • Relaxing because you are "tired".
  • Unwinding from a long day.
  • Wasting your life away.
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Its Time to Moonlight

I don't care how busy you are with your job/family/video games/tailgating/shopping/fantasy sports/life: leave a legacy.

Start working on something that you can look back at when you are dying and say, "Yeah. I did that."

Morbid? Yes. Awakening? Double Yes.

Whether you start waking up earlier or working on things at night, work on achieving your dreams. Put together an annual plan and make your life 100% better in one year's time.

It doesn't have to be every morning. I enjoy slowing down life by sleeping in from time to time too.

It doesn't have to be every night. You can still go and party/drink/dance/shop/hang out with your friends.

Stop making excuses and make your life better.

Do you want your name to be known forever?

There are two ways your name can be remembered throughout history.

  1. Do something awesome: Einstein, Ghandi, Da Vinci.
  2. Do something awful: Hitler, Attila the Hun, Ivan the Terrible.

Let's go with option #1.

Do you think anyone will ever write about your life when you're gone?

Do something positive that you will be remembered for.

You don't have to be so famous that you'll make the six o'clock news or the cover of Time magazine, but do something that makes the world better.


What are you moonlighting? What are you working on that is bigger than just you? I'd love to hear in the comments.

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