"Today is my last day of work... I'm going to travel the world for the next year."

The above quote is from Devon Mills of Answering Oliver. But more on her in a bit. ;) I've written here on Pocket Changed about dreaming big, going on adventures, and what to do when you just can't take it anymore. In all my writing I try to show what I've done, been through, learned, and failed at.

Through the past year of writing on these topics many HUGE changes have taken in place in my life (marriage, quitting my job, etc.), but the best part about running Pocket Changed has been meeting so many people that are going against the grain and living unconventional, passion filled lives.

All of the people I've met through blogging are daily inspirations for me. 

Today I'm happy to feature one of them.

Enter Devon Mills

I met Devon a few days before the World Domination Summit last July at a meet-up for Jenny Blake's book tour in Seattle.

(You might remember her from when she previously wrote for Pocket Changed about the value of financial struggle.)

Ever since the first time I met Devon she told me she wanted to do one thing more than anything else: travel the world on her own.

Some people will half-heartedly say, "I'd like to travel someday" or "I want to go to Europe when I can afford it", but not Devon. She was set on going all over the world, with just a back-pack and a camera to experience the world as soon as she could.

Well it just so happens that day is today. Devon is leaving her cubicle to travel the world.

Watch this 3' video to see how her Grandfather inspired her not to wait any longer.

Best of luck on the next phase of your life, your trip, and whatever else you decide to take on next Devon.

Now Its Your Turn

You don't have to do something as extreme or risky as quitting your job, but you should always be doing something that scares you at least a little. That is how you know you are pushing yourself towards happiness and greatness.

Why not learn how to rock climb or ask out the person you've always had a crush on? Go jump out of a space shuttle or take classes learning how to paint?

Live a little. Life isn't meant to be wasted.

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