10 Steps to Better On-Camera Interviews

Whether you're on camera interviewing someone else or you're behind the camera trying to get a strong interview out of your talent, there are some tricks to getting the best performance you can out of your interviewee.

In today's podcast episode we share ten steps to getting better on-camera interviews. We'll discuss the process we use on client shoots to have the interviewee be comfortable on camera, act natural, and sometimes not even realize we're already recording. 

We also share some gear recommendations for making sure you don't have to interrupt the interview and share how to get the talent to look at the interviewer, but really they're looking straight into the camera.

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All 10 Tips

1. Do not have talent in room during set up
2. Have someone other than the interviewer get them/brief them
3. Introduce the interviewee and interviewer then start the conversation
4. Finish set up and start recording without verbal announcement
5. Interviewer guides conversation trying to pull out key points
6. Have them repeat or elaborate on important phrases or points if they stumble
7. Insure gear is charged for duration of shoot.
8. If something happens to gear, have a non verbal cue
9. Consider additional gear, like a teleprompter
10. Decide where the talent should look

Caleb Wojcikadv-filming, niche, podcast