7 Ways to Shoot Stable Handheld Videos

Unless you are Paul Greengrass on the set of a Jason Bourne movie, shaky footage is pretty much the worst. Often times shaky footage is rendered unusable. 

Sure, you can attempt to fix it in post but there is no guarantee (other than the guarantee of pissing off your editor). There is however, a possibility people will think the camera operator has had 10 cups of coffee. Don't drink 10 cups of coffee.

In this installment of DIY Video Guy TV you will learn 7 tactics that will help you get that illusive, stable handheld footage. 

You can't always walk around with a monopod or tripod and you can't always fix your mistakes in post-production. Learning to record stable, handheld footage is a must. 

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Caleb Wojcikstarter-filming, video