From Film School to YouTube — Kitty Peters


In this episode I talk with Kitty Peters who runs Atola Visuals, a filmmaking company focusing on client work, as well as a YouTube Channel with the same name, where she features filmmaking gear and tutorials.

We talk about whether or not she believes film school was worth it for her, why it’s important to have multiple income streams, and quantity vs. quality when it comes to content.

In this episode we talked about:

  • 00:31 - How do you explain what you do to non-YouTubers?

  • 01:44 - Going to film school

  • 08:48 - First getting into filming

  • 13:58 - How do you make your videos entertaining?

  • 17:06 - A tactic you know would work that you don't use

  • 18:50 - Balancing quality and quantity

  • 21:32 - The ups and downs to social media

  • 30:07 - Gear: A flop and the must haves

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Caleb Wojcik