From Vimeo Staff Pick to Full-Time Filmmaker — Interview w/ Levi Allen


Levi Allen is an adventure filmmaker. In this episode we talk about how his short film Untethered got a Vimeo staff pick, which lead to the film being distributed internationally, but then how he fought back for the rights to have it free and public again.

We also talk about how to build up a client business from scratch and why your personality is an important reason why people subscribe to your YouTube channel.

In this episode we talked about:

  • 01:07 - Introduction    

  • 02:01 - Untethered getting a Vimeo Staff Pick    

  • 13:46 - After Untethered’s success & tempering expectations    

  • 17:55 - Distribution & owning your work    

  • 25:43 - Why were are bad YouTubers

  • 29:39 - Letting your personality show    

  • 33:25 - Titling & thumbnail tips for Youtube    

  • 38:26 - Being open with other creators    

  • 44:16 - Landing your first clients

Follow Levi here:

You can watch Levi's short film Untethered on YouTube here.


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Caleb Wojcik