Building a Product Review Empire on Youtube — Dave Maze


Dave Maze runs a channel called Kinotika where he talks all about camera gear and equipment.

In this episode talk about transitioning from full time freelancer to full time YouTuber, what it’s like to run a channel focused on reviews, and the future of YouTube and camera gear. If you want to grow your YouTube channel or are interested in promoting sponsored content as an influencer, this episode is for you.

In this episode we talked about:

  • 00:47 - Introduction

  • 05:28 - Shooting weddings

  • 09:02 - Becoming an independent Filmmaker

  • 15:48 - Starting out on youtube

  • 19:36 - Influencers and making sponsored videos

  • 25:50 - The direction YouTube is headed

  • 34:11 - Best piece of gear and what needs to change in cameras

  • 44:07 - Advice for someone starting a review channel

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Caleb Wojcik