Lights & Stands We Recommend

Getting quality lights is expensive, but like audio, these are investments that last and won't be replaced by new versions every couple years like cameras.

Start with a set of lights with consistent white balance, then invest in ways to modify it. 




CowboyStudio 3-Point Lighting Kit

These fellas right here are the lights that I started out with. I would recommend these to anyone who is just getting started. Are they annoying to set up? Yes. Are they the most sturdy lights? No. Will you break multiple bulbs over the years? Definitely. However, for just over $100 it's a great setup.



Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401 Kit

These have been my go to lights. Whether setup in the studio or traveling around the world on client projects, these lights have done everything for me. Get daylight and tungsten bulbs.



Westcott Flex LED

Having a flexible LED panel changes the game. There are so many scenarios in which this light works perfectly. Sure, you can spend an hour trying to jerry rig some random light or you could shed the hassle with the Westcott Flex. Buy a diffuser.

(B&H or Amazon)


iKan IB500 Bi-color LED Light

While not the most powerful lighting out there, the IB500 is extremely flexible. Being able to set the temperature and percent strength of the light at the touch of a button is astonishingly convenient during dynamic shooting days.

(B&H or Amazon)




Impact LS-RL7 7.2 Light Stand

A lightweight stand that we like to use for hair/background lights as well as for holding reflectors. They pack small and won't take up much room on set.

(B&H or Amazon)


Impact Air-Cushioned Heavy Duty

These are the biggest stands that we use on a regular basis. Capable of holding our heaviest gear, you can throw a sand bag on the legs and rest easy knowing your equipment is safe in the arms of the "Heavy Duty".

(B&H or Amazon)




5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Disc 

Bounce it, reflect it, shape it, block it, turn it gold. The 5 in 1 disc is versatile and cheap. We use it all the time in many different ways. Mainly for diffusing or eliminating light.

(B&H or Amazon)


Impact Telescopic Collapsible Reflector Holder

We are fans of big, soft light; shooting through a reflector accomplishes the effect for super cheap. A reflector holder helps you to shape your light, especially when you are shooting outside or somewhere with a lot of window light.

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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you. I will earn a commission % if you decide to buy through these links. I either own or have used every piece of equipment I recommend on my site. Also, know that no company is paying me to promote their products either. - Caleb Wojcik