#4: Vagabonding, with Devon Mills

In the fourth session of the Cubicle Renegade Podcast I chat with Devon Mills of Answering Oliver.

I met Devon last year the day before The World Domination Summit and she just got done traveling by herself full-time for three months after leaving her day job. She vagabonded through Southeast Asia, including Australia and New Zealand.

In this episode we discuss how she saved up to fund this trip, why she learned that a cubicle is actually what she prefers, and how she wouldn't trade taking this "professional risk" for anything.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • (1:55) - 2008 Job Market left her "desperate" for work
  • (3:00) - How Chris Guillebeau changed the way she viewed travel
  • (4:54) - The hardest part about leaving a "comfortable job"
  • (6:37) - Did the fear of leaving stick with her after the leap?
  • (7:14) - How long it took her to save for the trip
  • (8:53) - Who inspired her to travel?
  • (9:54) - Why did she want to travel alone?
  • (14:15) - The importance of "slowing down" while traveling
  • (16:54) - How her definition of work changed on the road
  • (21:50) - Her advice for people daydreaming of quitting a job to travel full-time

Items mentioned in this episode:

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