#3: $100 Startup, with Chris Guillebeau

In the third session of the Cubicle Renegade Podcast I chat with Chris Guillebeau, author of the new book, The $100 Startup, and the blog The Art of Non-Conformity. We discuss why becoming an entrepreneur doesn't need to cost a ton or have you looking for outside investors. Startups can be created by anyone at anytime.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • (0:57) - How he came up with the idea for The $100 Startup 
  • (2:10) - How he decided which "success stories" to include in the book
  • (4:15) - Unplanned vs. Planned entrepreneurship
  • (6:15) - Can you "learn" how to be an entrepreneur?
  • (7:19) - The $100 Startup Blueprint
  • (9:45) - How to get started as an entrepreneur / Building from free customers to paid
  • (11:13) - The different kinds of business models described in the book
  • (13:09) - Did Chris plan for the success of The Art of Non-Conformity from the beginning?
  • (14:47) - Does Chris survey his audience for the next project he does or does he follow the "build it and they will come" model
  • (16:33) - The reason Chris started The World Domination Summit

Items mentioned in this episode:

Thanks for listening to this episode and if you are interested in reading more about how Chris Guillebeau has changed my life and his new book, read this post from last week.

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