Westcott Flex LED Light Review

For the past two years I have done the majority of my lightning with Kino-Flo Divas.

The only problem is that I’m constantly flying to film for clients and need to set up and tear down quickly. I also have to light talent in a run and gun situation where the light needs to be held and moved while recording.

And while the light the Divas put off is big, so is the 67 lb case I have to lug them around in. I needed something different.

Enter the Westcott Flex LED Light. At 1’ x 1’ these lights look small but give off a ton of light. Constructed using a flexible LED panel you can easily handhold the light or mount it to pretty much anything you can think of.

Due to their versatility, I have found myself using these lights in all kinds of environments and consider them a staple to my kit.

I bought two of the Daylight balanced ones, but they also come in bi-color too if you spend a little bit more money. You can find the Westcott Flex Light on both Amazon and B&H.

Caleb Wojcikadv-gear, video