Fiilex K412 LED Light Kit Review

In my hunt for the perfect set of video lights to fly with and film my client’s videos, the next lights I tried are a set of LEDs from Fiilex.

The K412 set comes in a rolling travel case with 4 lights (two 360EX’s and two 180E’s), barn doors for each, three light stands, a softbox, and a cold shoe mount.

I’ve used these lights on different shoots over the past six months since filming this review and they’ve really helped me stay light and nimble when flying with all my video gear. (Normally I fly with a 67-pound case with two Kino-Flo Diva 401’s, which leads to paying more baggage fees too.)

For the size, these are extremely powerful lights. My two favorite features are controlling the white balance of the lights (from 3000K to 5600K) and that the hue of the lights doesn’t shift to magenta or green when using a power less than 100%. This happens with my Kino-Flo’s since they are fluorescent tubes, which means I always have them at 100% and need to use grids or diffusion in front of them.

These LED lights aren’t cheap, but when it comes to getting consistent quality light, I really think you get what you pay for. Especially when it comes to LED lights. The lack of quality control, longevity, and shifts in color hue when you start buying cheapest knock-off brand LED lights on Amazon or elsewhere is not worth the money you save in my opinion as you end up wasting time in post-production trying to get your colors right.

Caleb Wojcikadv-gear, video