Super Cheap Standing Desk: StandStand Mouse Review

“Sitting is the new smoking”, that’s what people keep telling me anyway. If these people are to be believed then I’m a metaphorical chain-smoker. We all are. Apparently we average 9.3 hours a day sitting. If my math is correct that’s like smoking 37 and three quarters cigarettes a day. Not really but you get the point.

However I didn’t want to spend the $500-$1,000 it would cost to get a standing desk. Even if I did fork out the money and make the switch that would only solve my problem when I was at home. I work from multiple locations.

Then I was introduced to Stand Stand and my problems were solved. For $160 I could not only work standing at home but also anywhere else I felt like working. In this video I review Stand Stand Mouse, their second product. A standing, portable desk with enough room for your laptop and mouse. Easily constructed and weighing under 2lbs Stand Stand is a great desk for anyone looking to work standing from wherever they choose to go.

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Thanks to Stand Stand for making this video possible. 

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