#AskLeb 1 - What's Next for DIY Video Guy?

Over the past couple months I have been looking for a better way to interact with my audience, the YouTubers, bloggers and video makers, in short – you guys.

To better connect, I decided to put more concentration into YouTube.  Uploading more videos, being active in the comments and starting a new series AskLeb.

AskLeb is going to be a video series where I answer your questions. You can ask me anything you want, all I ask is that you record your question as a video on twitter and use the hastag #AskLeb. This will allow me to add you to the video as well as sort through the questions.

In the inaugural episode of AskLeb I talk about what the plans are for both DIY Video Guy and my client work in 2016.  

You can also watch this video on YouTube

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