Sony a7R ii Review for Filmmakers & Hybrid Shooters

I previously reviewed the Sony a7S ii mirrorless camera, which is similar in a lot of ways to the a7Rii, but after using both and breaking down the differences between the two, I think the a7R ii is the superior option.

It is the best all-around camera for both photo and video on the market within it’s price range right now.

In this video review I share what I like most about shooting on Sony mirrorless cameras and breakdown some of the pro features that are included (like zebras, focus peaking, etc.) that should be in similarly priced cameras from Canon.

I also address some of the main complaints about battery life, button options, and confusing menus as well as how to overcome or deal with them.

Special thanks to B&H for letting me test out this camera body.

And if you’re trying to decide between an a7R ii and a7S ii, be sure to check out my complete comparison.

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