Sony 85mm G-Master Lens Review

I don’t typically choose to review lenses because there isn’t much to talk about or show other than comparing footage shot through it and there are so many variables (like what kind of camera it is attached to or compression on said footage) that I don’t really like even doing that.

This Sony G-Master series 85mm lens is different though. It is one of the few lenses I’ve used that actually has features that change how I might film or photograph something.

In this video I’ll show you how between the smooth de-clicking aperture ring and the focus hold button, if you’re shooting on a Sony E-Mount camera, you’ll want to try this lens.

I also compare it a bit to the Canon L-Series 85mm f/1.2 on an adapter to a Sony a7R ii.

You can watch this video above or directly on YouTube.

Special thanks to B&H for letting me test out this lens and camera body.

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