What Frame Rate & Shutter Speed to Shoot Videos At (DVG 004)


If you shoot a video in an automatic mode, like Aperture priority, you can get some fairly unnatural looking video.

It won't look smooth. Movement will look jittery and jumpy. And when your videos don't look like real life, the viewer will be distracted from the message you're trying to deliver. 

That's why you'll want to shoot in manual mode to pick the proper shutter speed and frame rate to get the best looking video possible.

In this episode I discuss what to set those at and how they effect what your video looks like. Last episode we talked all about aperture, which introduced us to the exposure triangle, so if you haven't listened to that one yet, you might want to before this one. 

Tomorrow's episode will cover the third part of the exposure triangle, ISO.

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via exposureguide.com

via exposureguide.com

Note: Here is a visual example of two different shutter speeds so you can see the difference. 

On the left you have a fast shutter speed, which freezes all motion. While on the right you have a slower shutter speed which causes the motion to blur.