Making $100,000 In 3 Days From A Video-Based Course ft. Sean McCabe (DVG 010)

Sean McCabe had become a successful hand lettering artist, with clients paying him thousands for design work, but he felt another need. 

After sharing his lettering work online, he started getting emails from people wondering where to even start with hand lettering.

He put a tutorial on his website and within a year 200,000 people had viewed it. Six months in he put an email opt-in form on the page and eventually spent three months on a new version of the page to promote his new video course Learn Lettering.

Fast forward to earlier this year, 15,000 email subscribers later and Sean launched his video course to the tune of selling six figures in three days.

In this podcast episode I talk with Sean about his making his video course, his struggles with producing it all himself, and what he is learning now after just recently launching a daily video show.

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