How to Record HD Skype Calls & Interviews

(Above is one of the 15 video tutorials & case studies from my upcoming book: DIY Video Guide. If you can't see it, watch it on YouTube.)

Doing interviews over Skype seems like all the rage these days. It can be an incredibly easy to use tool when all you need is audio, but getting good video out of Skype can be a pain in the rear.

In this video I walkthrough how to record high quality Skype calls and interviews.

I show you the tool I use (eCamm Call Recorder on the Mac) and give you the exact settings I prefer. If you're on Windows, I provide you with an option as well.

I also show the logistics of recording the video separately on each end using a DSLR or other types of cameras and then sync'ing them all together in post.


Are videos taking too long?

The above video is one of over 15 video tutorials I made as a part of DIY Video Guide, a book + video tutorial training program.

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