A First Look at the DIY Video Guide


I'm super excited for tomorrow and it isn't because I need to start packing for my move next weekend. I've been working like mad the past couple weeks to put the final touches on the DIY Video Guide for the launch tomorrow.

And I wanted to take a quick break from all the prep to share with you what you can expect when the guide drops tomorrow. 

Below is a complete list of what the book entails, what video tutorials, video case studies, and video interviews are a part of it too.

A Preview of the Guide

If you've checked out post from last month titled, "Gear Doesn't Matter", that is the best introduction to the guide, but here is the full table of contents.

  1. Why Video?
  2. A Note on Gear
  3. Sight - Making Your Videos Look Better
  4. Sound - Making Your Videos Sound Better
  5. Shooting - Scripts, Teleprompters, Angles
  6. Shaping - Sync'ing, Engagement, & Editing Software
  7. Sanity - File Management, Importing, Exporting, Hosting
  8. Further Learning
  9. Closing Thoughts

The Video Tutorials

  • Intro to iMovie
  • Intro to Screenflow
  • Intro to Adobe Premiere
  • Intro to Final Cut Pro X
  • Adding Slow Zooms & Transitions
  • File Management, Importing & Exporting
  • Creating Intro and Outro Bumpers
  • Filming & Editing Multicam Interviews
  • Syncing Video & Audio Together
  • Recording High Quality Skype Interviews (watch it in full)

The Video Case Studies

  • Fizzle Sales Video
  • Let Go Book Trailer
  • Shooting & Editing a Public Speaking Talk
  • Make It Rain Sales Video 
  • Behind the Scenes of the DIY Video Guide's Tutorials

The Video Interviews

  • Chris Ducker
  • Amy Porterfield
  • Pat Flynn
  • Corbett Barr
  • Sean Ogle
  • Nathan Barry
  • Sarah Peck
  • Chase Reeves
  • Richard Boehmcke

To everyone that encouraged me to write this, helped out with the promotion, or did an interview with me for it, thanks a ton!

I'm really looking forward to sharing the DIY Video Guide with you all tomorrow.