10 Video Mistakes I've Made and How to Avoid Them (DVG 023)

Even if you're a professional and you've done something tens of thousands of times, you're still going to mess up occassionally. (Just think of how often NFL receivers drop easy catches.)

When you make enough videos, you're bound to make plenty of mistakes. 

The two most important things to recover from mistakes are to fix them as soon as possible and to put processes in place to never let them happen again.

In today's episode I talk with Tim Krupa, my editor, production assistant, and brother-in-law. In it we discuss ten mistakes we've made while making videos for ourselves or clients and how you can avoid them. 

After you listen, I've included the full list of the ten lessons from our mistakes below as well.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

10 Takeaway Lessons

  1. Always have a usable back-up audio source.
  2. Completely control the light whenever possible.
  3. Always be conscious of reflections from glass.
  4. Scout the location beforehand & change lighting as needed.
  5. Don't use new technology, equipment or settings before having tested it yourself.
  6. Don't just "fix it in post". Post production is for editing and crafting.
  7. Budget extra time for your rental gear.
  8. Always have fully charged and extra batteries.
  9. Always bring extra power and audio cables.
  10. Don't assume who you're working with knows what you know. Fully educate.