Cameras We Use & Recommend

"What camera should I buy" is such a hard question to answer because it really depends on what kind of video work you're doing. Studio/Doc/Narrative? You'll want a cinema level camera like a Canon C series or Sony FS series. Vlogging? You probably want a G7X, RX100, or an 80D. Action sports? GoPro. Here are all the cameras we use and recommend.


Canon C100 Mark II 

This is my main camera I use to film videos right now. I bought it when it first came out in early 2015 and while it doesn't shoot in 4K, the 4K inside downscales to beautiful 1080p footage. You can watch our full video review of it here.

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Canon 80D DSLR

The successor to the 70D, this is my go-to recommendation for someone wanting to make videos for the web. If you're on a budget, you can compare the 80D to the 70D in this video.

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Canon G7X Mark II

This is the go-to camera for vlogging. I used it a bunch in my client Ghana trip to capture moments I could only get with a point-and-shoot. (If you're on a budget, get the G7X Mark I.)

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Sony RX100 Mark IV

This is the small, on-the-go camera I use to vlog, be discrete, and make sure I always have an option at the ready. It films in 4K, can shoot in sLog, and has a great electronic viewfinder. Watch our unboxing video of it here.

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Sony a7s II 

If you're not tied into the Canon ecosystem with EF lenses (or even if you are), the Sony a7s II is one of the best sub-$3k 4K cameras out there for video production. Here is our unboxing.

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Sony FS5

Continuing with Sony, the FS5 is the introductory 4K cinema camera and is still relatively lightweight + easy to manage. Many tech YouTubers and wedding videographers use it.

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Sony FS7

The cream of the crop for cinema 4K cameras in the professional range without going over $10,000. Ergonomics, every feature you'd want, and it is built to sit on your shoulder. 

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GoPro Hero 4 Black

Useful for more than action sports, I use the GoPro for timelapses, attaching to the inside or outside of cars, and putting cameras in other impossible to mount places.

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