#10: Habit Creation, with James Clear

In this episode of the Cubicle Renegade podcast I chat with James Clear about his journey transitioning from collegiate athlete to entrepreneur, the power of habits, how to form great ones or break bad ones, and how important nutrition and exercise are to entrepreneurs.

This is probably my favorite episode of the podcast so far, so you definitely don't want to skip this one.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Why he immediately got his MBA after undergrad and what that was like.
  • Why he decided to start Passive Panda and grow his presence on online.
  • How he has gotten featured in US News and World Report and Yahoo Finance.
  • Why habits are so important.
  • Why you should focus on lifestyle, not life-changing habits.
  • The "Reminder, Routine, Reward" cycle of habits.
  • The Visibility Method.
  • Why getting started is the most important step.
  • The difference between identity-based habits and performance/appearance based goals.
  • How James "hacks" his food through fasting and eating patterns.
  • As an entrepreneur, what the most important habits you can form are.

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