#8: Kickstart a Career, with Barrett Brooks

In this episode of the Cubicle Renegade Podcast I sit down with Barrett Brooks, founder of Living for Monday to talk all about how to properly land a job or consulting gig you actually want. We cover the twelve steps you should follow to launch your career, directly from his course: Career Kickstarter. Things we talk about in this episode:

  • How Barrett landed a well paying management consulting job directly out of college.
  • Why he left that job behind to help others find careers that better suit them.
  • The proper mindset for putting in the hard work and saying no more often.
  • Determining your purpose/passion and how that relates to a potential job.
  • How to define your values and strengths.
  • Figuring out your ideal job description (without looking at job postings).
  • How to get your resumé on top of the pile of hundreds.
  • Ways to find the 60% of jobs that aren't advertised.
  • Why you have to negotiate your job offers.

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