Zacuto Marauder Review — A Run & Gun Camera Rig

Some of the time while filming my camera is locked down on a tripod, in a controlled environment. But there are plenty of times when I am out and about, shooting in more of a documentary style, and I’m using a monopod or just filming handheld.

Lately though I’ve been on the lookout a solid travel option for getting steadier shots, without having to bring a cumbersome gimbal that needs a lot of set-up and batteries.

Enter the Zacuto Marauder. This little rig folds down into a small, travel-friendly size, but also enables you to get really fluid and steady shots with a bunch of different camera types.

In this video review I’ll show you how to set up this “run n’ gun” rig for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, how to use a Z-Finder attachment to get a better view of your LCD screen, and what accessories I’d get with it.

I’ve owned and used the Z-Finder for a few years now, but special thanks to Zacuto for loaning me the Marauder to test out in full.

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