YouTuber Roundtable #1 ft. Armando Ferreira & Matt D'Avella

I've wanted to film this for a long time.

Have you ever seen the videos where a handful of stars from movies or television (like directors, cinematographers, actresses, etc.) sit and chat in a roundtable format with The Hollywood Reporter?

They have deep conversations and share things you don't hear in the quick press junket interviews they normally give. They last about an hour. I love them.

Anyways, I've always wanted to host and re-create my own version of that.

Well, I finally did it and here it is.

In this conversation I talk with 5 other filmmakers and YouTubers about:

  • Tips for Going Full-Time with Your Art
  • Lightweight & Cheaper vs. Heavy & Expensive Gear
  • The Long-Game of Making Money Online
  • Current YouTube Trends & Competition
  • Focusing on Money instead of Vanity Metrics
  • Planning Successful Videos Before Hitting Record

I really enjoyed this chat with Armando, Matt, Jason, Josh, and Greg and if you want to check out their YouTube channels you can do so below.