Why I Sold My RED Camera for $20,000

In this video I share why I sold my RED Scarlett-W after owning in for 18 months and how you should think about your next camera purchase or that one you "dream" of owning one day.

I wasn't expecting to sell it so fast, but I did.

If you're really wanting to upgrade some piece of gear you own, the message in this video is for you.

Here are some of the main reasons why I sold it.

  • My clients don’t need or ask for 4K
  • I don’t end up taking it because I’m worry about it getting stolen and it is so heavy
  • The batteries only last an hour, so I have to bring a bunch
  • No autofocus (which matters more when you’re a one man band or are filming yourself)
  • I find the image is actually really noisy.
  • Filming with it is just slower and more work.
  • Footage takes a longer time to backup.
  • Takes longer to make proxies.
  • Takes longer to export.
  • No built-in ND Filters
  • No built-in XLRs
  • $1750 for the module with a mic input jack + HDMI/SDI out
  • Really want to go back to using hybrid cameras (I hate packing two kinds of cameras for photo + video needs)
  • Would get ~$20,000 in cash for it to put towards other business investments.
Caleb Wojcik