Should You Go to VidCon?

I just went to VidCon 2015, a conference for YouTubers, Viners, and other web video creators. During last week's podcast episode I talked about the panels I went to, shared some future directions I see online video going, and ranted about selfies, Vine, and Snapchat.

But in today's video I share more of my experience at VidCon and try to help you decide whether you should go in the future.

I'll also help answer most of the following questions: What level of ticket should I get? What other conferences are there for video makers? How are there so many screaming tweens?

You can watch the video above, directly on YouTube, or through an iTunes Video Podcast.


Items mentioned in this video:

This video was shot on a Canon C100 Mark II (talking head portion) and a Sony RX-100 Mark IV (at VidCon portion).

Caleb Wojcik