Our #NABShow 2016 Coverage

Last week I went to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters Conference. (Yeah, I know it sounds stuffy, but there are a lot of cool video companies and filmmakers that attend too.)

Somehow they manage to fill the entirety of all three halls in the convention center with gear and tech. SO MUCH VR.

My goal at NAB was to network with old friends, meet new ones, and share with you some new gear that you can use to make better videos. 

Ultimately, we made seven videos at NAB and shot a review of the Canon 80D.

These videos include a vlog detailing the video gear we used, an interview, and five videos recorded at vendor booths.

I spoke with Atomos about HDR, Zacuto about DSLR rigs, looked at the new G7X II at Canon, discovered an awesome mini cine lens company called Veydra, talked with Sean Cannell about getting more YouTube subscribers, and spoke with Devin Graham about how to use a Glidecam

All in all, NAB 2016 was a successful trip filled with gear, friends, and eating chicken biscuits at Yardbird.

You check out the full NAB 2016 Playlist here

Or here is a list of all the videos mentioned:

There is a lot more to come from us over the next couple weeks too.

We've finished up our reviews of the Sony a7s ii and the Canon 80D, so be on the lookout for those and much more soon.

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