Learn Final Cut Pro X has launched!

Today is the big day...

Our new course on learning Final Cut Pro X is now live!

We're also offering bundles of the course that include our production course and a 1-on-1 personalized strategy session with me (which is something I don't offer anywhere else). 

This course covers:

  • Software layout, workspaces & multiple monitors, and file management
  • Importing files, syncing video & audio, and creating multi-cam sequences
  • Editing a first draft quickly, text effects, stabilization, and shortcuts
  • Audio workspaces, mixing, transitions, effects, and layering volume levels
  • Color correcting, grading, white balance changes, & green screen keying
  • Exporting media and recommended secondary software

If you've been wanting to learn how to edit faster in Final Cut Pro X, now is the time.

Caleb Wojciknews