How Moz Makes Whiteboard Friday Videos ft. Elijah Tiegs (DVG 026)

Publishing a video every single week is tough. 

Especially when different people are in the videos and what they're teaching is extremely technical and complex.

Enter Whiteboard Fridays from Moz. A weekly video show about SEO, content marketing, and getting traffic to your website. They've been showing up every week for years, with the ability to quickly share real-time information as it changes in their industry, like what's new with Google's latest algorithm.

In this episode with Elijah Tiegs from Moz we talk about two main things. First, the power of having a permanent video studio set-up and how that speeds up and simplifies the process for making a video each week. Second, we discuss the set-up they use at Moz to create Whiteboard Fridays. 

Specifically, we breakdown the lighting, focusing on both the subject and the whiteboard, and using wireless lavalier microphones instead of boom shotgun mics.

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Since recording this podcast episode, Moz made this little video to show exactly how they light their whiteboard Friday videos.