Hey YouTuber, You're Doing These 9 Things Wrong (DVG 034)

When I browse around YouTube I see a lot of mistakes. Things that YouTubers either should be doing but aren't, or things they are getting completely wrong.

And don't worry, when I look at my own channel and videos I get a bunch of these things wrong too, but to be your best, sometimes you have to be your own worst critic. 

In this episode of the podcast I share nine things that most YouTubers and YouTube channels are doing wrong and how to avoid them yourself. 

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Show Summary 

1. Nothing engaging in the first 15 seconds.
2. Not giving a single call to action.
3. Not putting the proper information in the description below the video.
4. Not making a custom thumbnail.
5. Assuming everyone can click on Annotations.
6. Not properly branding your channel.
7. Having an Inconsistent Release Schedule.
8. They experiment outside their channel's niche too much.
9. Not interacting.