Edit Videos Faster with These 37 Keyboard Shortcuts for Premiere Pro

Video editing already takes long enough, so let's speed things up with some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts and save you some time.

In this video I show you 37 different keyboard shortcuts I use while editing videos.

Now, I'm going to be showing you these shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but if you're using another video editing app like Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, or any other program, many of the same principles will apply to you as well.

This is one of my longer videos, but I wanted to make sure I broke down how I use each shortcut and demonstrated how you could too.

Also, I've created custom keyboard shortcuts that I've pulled from other video editors I've learned from in-person and online, so these aren't the default shortcuts built into Premiere, but if you're just getting started, practice learning the built-in shortcuts first by hovering over buttons before clicking them or seeing the command to the right of the action in the drop-down menus.

Don't try to implement all of these at once. Just pick a handful to start using and once those become a habit, add in some more. The less you use your mouse while editing the faster you'll get.

You can watch the video above, directly on YouTube, or through an iTunes Video Podcast.

Here's a full list of all the shortcuts I mention in the video.

The Timeline:

1. Pull-up keyboard shortcuts = Command+Option+K
2. Zoom to Sequence = \
3. Zoom in = Z
4. Zoom out = Shift+Z
5. Reverse play = J (Shuttle Left)
6. Pause = K
7. Play or Speed-up = L (Shuttle Right)
8. Expand All Tracks = Command+=
9. Minimize all Tracks = Command+-


10. Mark In Point = I
11. Mark Out Point = O
12. Add & Edit Marker = M (twice)
13. Insert = ,
14. Overwrite = .


15. Rolling Edit Tool = N
16. Slip Tool = Y
17. Razor Tool = C
18. Razor All Tracks = Shift+Click with razor tool
19. Selection Tool = V

Navigating the Timeline:

20. Go to Previous Edit Point = A
21. Go to Next Edit Point = S
22. Go to Previous Edit Point on Any Track = Shift+A 
23. Go to Next Edit Point on Any Track = Shift+S
24. Select Clip at Playhead = D
25. Match Frame = F


26. Ripple Trim Previous Edit to Playhead = Q
27. Ripple Trim Next Edit to Playhead = W
28. Extend Previous Edit to Playhead = Shift+Q
29. Extend Next Edit to Playhead = Shift+W

Fine Tuning:

30. Step Back 1 Frame = E
31. Step Forward 1 Frame = R
32. Step Back 10 Frames = Shift+E
33. Step Forward 10 Frames = Shift+R

Changing Views:
34. Maximize or Restore Frame Under Cursor = `
35. Toggle Full Screen = Control+`
36. Toggle Multi-Cam View = Shift+0
37. Toggle Workspaces = Option+Shift+Numbers