DIY Video Guy TV is Launching Next Week

I'm super excited to announce the beginnning of my new weekly video show: DIY Video Guy TV.

Every week I'll be sharing tips on how to make better videos for the web.

Everything from what camera, audio, and lighting equipment you should buy, how to use it to make your videos look and sound better, figuring out what kinds of videos to make, how to convert your viewers into subscribers and customers, and I'll even go behind the scenes on videos I make for clients and break down exactly what gear I use and how I set it up.

Every Tuesday starting next week there will be a new episode of the show and there are three ways you can find out when they go live.

The first and best way is to hop on my email list here. Just your email address to get notified of new episodes of the video show and audio podcast. 

Second, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch them there. There is also a playlist specifically for the show on YouTube as well. After you subscribe you can then watch the episodes easier on the go with the YouTube mobile app or from the comfort of your couch using an Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Google's Chromecast.

Third, the show will also be a video podcast on iTunes. (Note: I'm still waiting for the feed to show up. Hopefully will be live by Tuesday.) Now, most people are familar with audio podcasts, but video podcasts function the same way and can get automatically downloaded to your phone or tablet. 

I'm pretty stoked for this. I have a ton of ideas for episodes with topics I want to cover and I've been planning to commit to a weekly show for a while. And since I now talk and work with clients on creating a weekly video show for their brand, what better way is there to show them what it can look like than to start my own?

For now there isn't anything more for you to do other than to subscribe using one or all three of the ways I described before and if you'd like to share this announcement with a friend or coworker you know wants to learn more about making better videos for the web please do so below by clicking share. 

Cheers and I'll see you next week for the first episode.

Caleb Wojciknews