Canon C300 Mark II Hands-on Feature Test + Footage

On Saturday I drove up to Canon in Hollywood, CA for an all-day workshop with the Canon C300 Mark II cinema camera. In this video I share why I went, show some of my favorite features of the camera, and share test footage that I shot on the camera. 

I currently use a Canon C100 Mark II as my main video camera and it only shoots 1080p, so I'm looking at what my options are for upgrading to shooting in 4K in 2016 and the C300 Mark II is one of the main contenders. 

I'm not sponsored by Canon or anything, I just have a lot of their cameras, lenses, batteries, and more and would like to stay in that ecosystem if possible.

Read more about the Canon C300 Mark II here

Here are some other great videos on YouTube about the camera too:

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