Canon 80D Unboxing

The 80D is Canon's newest mid range DSLR taking the place of the old 70D. Canon has enhanced both the still and video features in their upgrade from the 70D to 80D, a list of which can be seen below.  

  •     60 FPS & 50 FPS at 1080p (70D only 720p at 60 FPS)
  •     24.2 Mp vs. 20Mp
  •     New battery: LP-E6N, but is backwards compatible with regular LP-E6's. 
  •     Extra Custom Setting on Mode Dial
  •     Headphone jack added (and is now angled to help with having the screen flipped out)
  •     Continuous Autofocus in Live View Mode while taking stills
  •     45 autofocus points vs. 19 on the 70D
  •     80D adds NFC (Near Frequency Communication) to the wifi already included in the 70D
  •     Still has the touch screen autofocus while recording video
  •     Built-in mic is moved to the front
  •     Higher maximum ISO
  •     New 18-135mm kit zoom lens with Nano USM (faster AF)

In this video I unbox the 80D, show the camera and what it comes with. A full hands-on review of the 80D will be coming out shortly, stay tuned.

You can find the 80D at B&H.

You can watch the 80D unboxing or the 70D vs 80D directly on YouTube.

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