Behind the Scenes at WistiaFest 2016

This week I went to Boston to attend WistiaFest, a video marketing conference created by a video hosting company I use all the time: Wistia.

I was asked to lead a workshop on video gear for any budget and I did a live lighting and filming demo too.

I’ve been to all three of their conferences and this was my favorite one yet. (I wrote extensively about who this conference is for after the first one in 2014.)

Today’s video is a behind the scenes vlog of my trip to WistiaFest. I made it to share with you a bit about what the event is like if you’re looking for video conferences to attend. I am also still experimenting with vlogging to continually push myself to film on the go as a documentarian differently and push myself to keep making better videos.

I hope you enjoy the ride. :)

And special thanks to Austin Saylor for the video animations used in the video.

Caleb Wojcikvideo, vlog