Ask the Readers: What is your one big goal for this year?

Welcome to another year and another ask the readers segment! This year I figured we'd all start off on the right foot and publicly declare what our one big goal for this year is.

Yes, you should probably have more than one goal, but heck, some people I know are living life with no goals and love it.

And I'll keep this post short and sweet so you have no excuses not to leave a comment and let us know. :)

So, what is your one big goal for this year?

Annual Planning Resources

In case you are new to annual planning or haven't done yours yet for this year, here are some great places to start.

If you're looking back at last year and want to see how you did, use Benny Hsu's annual planning pdf.

If you need an overall framework of how to do annual planning, look no further than Chris Guillebeau's annual review process.

And if you have trouble achieving the goals you set out to reach each year, check out my post on Think Traffic about why your annual plan will fail.

Cheers! Caleb