Take a Month Off

When was the last time you took a full month off from something? And I don't mean a month of laying around and doing nothing.

What I mean is taking a month away from a project, hobby, or passion and seeing what happens.

If you look at the Pocket Changed archives, I haven't posted a new blog post here in a month. (The longest this site has ever gone without a new post.)

What this past month has done is help me take stock of what Pocket Changed has become over the past two years, the direction for it in the future, and to break me of any unnecessary habits (i.e. "I have to publish a blog post this week because that is one of the 10 blogging commandments!").

Breaks Don't Have to Be Lazy

Often times when you see blogs that haven't been updated for a while you assume the person just quit. They either couldn't make it through a dip or just got burned out.

This is actually the exact opposite of what has been happening on my end.

So you see, just because a website or blog isn't updated for a while doesn't necessarily mean something bad.

I like to think that every time someone quits a project/blog/job/whatever, an angel gets its wings. (Err... or something like that.)

Procrastination can still be productive after all.


All that to say: maybe you should give yourself a month off from one of your life's major commitments.

You may come back to it with a completely different perspective and appreciation for it.


Life, WorkCaleb Wojcik