Why Every Successful Entrepreneur is Hooked on GSD (Getting Shit Done)

It may be Friday. It may be warm and sunny outside. It may be the last work day before you leave on vacation. None of that matters. Now is the time to get shit done.

Let's not confuse GSD with GTD (the great book by David Allen, Getting Things Done). Or with Make Shit Happen by Jenny Blake.

GSD is all about about taking action and moving closer to accomplishing your goals (personally or in business).

You can read about how to do something until your blue in the face, but until you start taking action you'll be in the same place in a year from now that you are today.

Look at businesses, mobile apps, or websites that didn't or barely existed even a decade ago. Facebook, Instagram, Digg, Angry Birds, Twitter, etc. They all were all started by one or a few people that took a ton of action.

The reason that these are now household names is not because the founders sat around waiting for the perfect idea to pass them by. They thought of something with a unique selling proposition, created it, and continually adapted it until it got huge.

Quit Procrastinating

Is there a time and place for doing an annual review? Absolutely. A time for doing a mind dump and writing down all the ideas and tasks you have in your head? Of course.

Just don't confuse planning with procrastination.

I've already talked about how to get shit done when you have a huge to do list, so I'm not break down a detailed "step by step" process you should go through to complete tasks in this post, but here's simple workflow to live by:

  1. Write Shit Down
  2. Do It
  3. Quit Avoiding #2

As productivity systems go, it doesn't get much easier than that.

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What is your favorite trick for getting shit done?

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