Ask the Readers: What Do You Wish You Had ACTUALLY Learned in College?

College does not teach you jack about money.During the past year of writing on Pocket Changed this one thing that has stood out most of all to me. Through speaking at universities, coaching people one-on-one, working on a Hollywood documentary, attending industry conferences, and advising real-life friends, this one disturbing fact stands out above the rest.

In many cases school doesn’t teach you much about finding a job or becoming a better person either. That tends to depend on your major. (With having business as one of my majors I created a résumé in my first semester and was recommended a personal development book in every class.)

I am putting together an in-depth, full featured, and extensive guide covering everything about personal finance that should have been taught in college and I need your help.

What Do You Wish You Had Learned In College

I’m not directly blaming colleges, but learning the foundations of managing your money in your late teens and early twenties is not happening and that is when learning it has the most impact.

To make sure I capture every possible question people have after college about personal finance I want to hear from you.

What do you wish you had learned in college about managing your money?

Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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