My Last Work Day, My Last Commute, and My Last Time Hitting Snooze on Life

Today is my last day working in cubicle nation for the foreseeable future. Like I mentioned when I announced that I quit my job, this day has been a dream of mine for years and today it is a reality. Even though my apartment is full of chaos from the whirlwind of packing to move from Seattle to San Diego and then embarking on a 3-month, nearly 9,000 mile road trip across the U.S. (more to come on that next week), it still hasn't hit me yet.

The big difference so far is simple: I didn't hit the snooze button on my alarm this morning. 

As I've mentioned previously, I am a chronic snooze button pusher (is there a medical term for this yet?) and have worked up many "systems" to make this stop. Some of them work, but not everyday.

Today I woke up excited to close this chapter of my life and get started on the next.

Taking the Leap

I have received a lot of support on my original post, on Facebook, Twitter, text messages, emails, and in person. Thank you everyone for the encouragement. There are days that are more fear than joy and these all help.

Some people must think I have a screw loose though. As one coworker put it:

"You get married and then quit your job? Crazy kid!!"

You could call it crazy. You could call it brave. You could call it dumb.

I just call it living on my own terms, not someone else's.

Your Turn

What do you know that you want to do, but have been putting off for years? Make a plan today to do it.

  • Figure out what you want from life.
  • Layout a realistic plan to get there.
  • Set a date to change.
  • Never turn back.
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

When is YOUR last day?

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