Would You Even Care If You Were Robbed?

I was robbed. I realized it the other day when I was headed out for some errands with my fiancé. Someone stole my bike from the front of my apartment complex and I don’t even care because I can’t remember the last time I used it. This event really drove home a point to me.

We often have a lot of junk that we don’t use, means nothing to us, and we need to get rid of.

I was planning to sell the bike or donate it since I wasn’t using it, but after it got stolen I really started to think about my stuff.

How many possessions do we own that we don’t value, are cluttering up our lives, and keeping us from paying off debt? Would you even care if someone stole your stuff?

Do a Quick Inventory of Your Stuff

Take a few minutes to look around at some of the things you own and figure out whether or not you’d replace them if they got stolen.

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.” ~ Tyler Durden, Fight Club

A big step towards financial independence is quit spending money on things you don’t need or value. Another important step is to detach yourself from the stuff you already own. Once you are no longer attached to your possessions, you are less likely you buy stuff you don’t need.

Realize these simple facts about junk:

  • The less stuff you own, the less space you need to store it.
  • You can’t take your stuff with you when you die.
  • You can relocate way easier without needing a moving truck.

Assess Your Own Stuff

I’m not advocating that everyone live a minimalist lifestyle, count how many things they own, and live out of a backpack. What I am advocating is that you take a real hard look at what possessions you buy, choose to own, and fill your life with.

Stand up right now, walk away from the computer or smart phone, find something to get rid of, get rid of it, and then let me know what you got rid of in the comments below. Figure out what you wouldn’t miss or replace if you got robbed and get rid of those things first. This mind shift will change how you buy, consume, and collect possessions.

Maybe that includes minimizing some of your clothing options or slimming down the space your movie collection takes up. Whatever it is, just start with one thing.

Your wallet will thank you later.

So, what did you choose to get rid of?

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